LCI has been satisfying homeowners and businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas since 1994. They have developed numerous lasting relationships with area suppliers as well as with repeat customers. In addition to their full time skilled craftsman, LCI has been using the same fully qualified and insured partners since its inception. Each and every member of LCI shares in their work ethic and integrity guaranteeing you "exceptional quality" and outstanding results. Billy Lucas - Craftsman
Billy brings over 25 years of experience to LCI. Born and raised in the North East he has been hands on to every facet of the building trade from a very early age. He was mentored by his father and various quality builders in Northern NJ, learning work ethics and reliability, "exceptional quality," creativity and individual services. Relocating to Texas in 1991, Billy founded LCI and since its establishment, LCI continues to receive all their work through personal referrals.
Steven Lucas - Project Manager
Steven Lucas, has a degree in communications, and is the administrative-field liaison. He manages the fine details of each project assuring daily operations run smoothly. Steve has a special appreciation for the uniqueness of each client to project relationship. No two relationships are alike, and that's the way he likes it.
Dan Lucas - Managing Partner
Dan Lucas joined LCI in 1998. Along with a degree in business, seasoned in client management, ingenuity, and insight, and added a new dimension to the team. Dan, a managing partner, governs the business entity of the company as well as daily operations. Mentored by his brother Billy, Dan is also a craftsman in the trade.
Edward Ruvalcaba - Project Manager
In his words, “It's hard to have the same day twice.” Edward travels between sites, making observations about the various phases of production. Edward says it is key, to have materials schedules, production schedules, and work schedules just right to keep everyone happy, and the project moving along. The 15 years experience he brings to the table gives him a special foresight.
Mariana Tapia - Office Manager
Mariana maintains a level of professionalism that is up to speed with the perfect craftsmanship the Lucas brothers are known for. She loves the family first culture of Lucas Craftsmanship, and the style of management which allows her to maintain her identity within the construct of the organization. That freedom to move around inspires and motivates Mariana to go the extra mile.
Yvonne O'Shaughnessy - Selections Coordinator
Yvonne gathers selections from clients and their designers.
Yvonne says, “The environment is very work centered, giving me the freedom to organize the day as necessary. This company respects my professionalsm in return for my service." Yvonne says Lucas has a formula for excellence, like a well oiled machine, and decisions are always made with the client as their number one priority.
Joey Hernandez - Project Manager
Joey is a Heights neighbor. Joey brings ten years experience in the field, and in his words, he "fills in the blanks." He can't believe it has been almost two years with the Lucas family, because as he puts it, "it's a pleasure to work with everyone." His favorite thing about being in the building industry is seeing the projects come together and being a part of the transformation.


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